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Dr. Dish Drills & Videos

Introduction to the Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machines.

Three Dr. Dish Models to fit your training needs and your budget.

Airborne Athletics Product Guide


Dr. Dish: Manually setting up a workout

Dr. Dish: Tracking 2 Point Shots

Dr. Dish how to: Setting up a Compete Workout (require a set amount of makes at a location before moving to the next)

Dr. Dish: Setting up a Shots Taken Workout

Dr. Dish: Quick Start

Dr. Dish: Using Remote Mode 

Dr. Dish: Adjusting Pass Distance

Dr. Dish: Rebel Saving a Drill

Dr. Dish All-Star: How to Swivel the net system for post entry passes

Dr. Dish How To: Programming a Shots Made Workout

Dr. Dish: Uploading a workout to a flash drive

Dr. Dish: Saving a Custom Drill

Dr. Dish: Setting up a Timed Workout

Dr. Dish: Tracking Free Throws

Dr. Dish: Setting up a 2 Player Compete Workout

Dr. Dish: Viewing Real Time Stats

Dr. Dish: Rebel Basic Setup

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